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Past Life Regression | Through Past Life To Present Life Healing
Margaret Jackson
Past Life Regression,
Life Between Lives - Spiritual Regression


Why have a Past Life Regression?

"Regression... is the mental act of going back to an earlier
time, whenever that time may be, in order to retrieve memories
that may still be negatively influencing a patient’s present life
and that are probably the source of the patient’s symptoms”

                                                                              Dr Brian Weiss
“Through Time into Healing”               


Much has been written about the therapeutic benefits of Past Life Regression and the reasons to undergo it. You may have your own different and important reasons for visiting a past life. Here I discuss just a few.

For healing

Experiences in past lives can sometimes result in symptoms and fears such as panic and phobias being carried over into the current life. Through Past Life Regression you can let go of these traumatic experiences which will lead to freedom from such symptoms. 

 Some painful or restricting beliefs from past lives can affect current Self Esteem and through Regression these beliefs can be uncovered and resolved and let go.  Most people who experience a Past Life Regression find they lose their fear of death.

Understanding yourself and growing as a person.

Through Past Life Regressions you can come to understand more of why you are here and who you have become.  You have a chance to let go of old subconscious resentments by forgiving those who may have hurt you in the past.  And also to forgive yourself. 

Self empowerment and Love

Some people through Past Life Regression have tapped into feelings of self worth or personal power or the experience of loving and being loved which were part of a past life or lives.  The experience of these emotions is then held in the memory in the current life and those empowering feelings can be accessed whenever needed in the present.

To create more loving relationships

Sometimes we have conflict or emotional pain in a relationship with another person whether that is a friend, sibling, parent or partner which belongs to another lifetime where you knew one another. By identifying the issue or trauma and forgiving and letting it go you can often change and heal the current relationship.
To relieve an unexplained  physical symptom

Some people have been experiencing a medically unexplainable symptom for years which no treatment has been able to relieve. For example severe migraine or a debilitating recurring pain in a specific part of the body such as the neck or side etc.  There are documented cases where Past Life Regression has allowed the person to experience the cause of the pain in a previous life. Often that is through the manner of their death e.g. a blow to the head or a sword thrust to the side or even execution by hanging.  Once that is understood, the cause of the pain can be addressed therapeutically  during the regression and very often the pain stops.  It is important however to understand that not all unexplained pain has its root cause from another life and so will not be relieved by Past Life Regression.

Just for curiosity

Sometimes you may just be curious to know about a past life or two. Or even just to see what the experience of visiting a past life is like. There are many people who feel this way. Even if that is your only motivation you may receive an unexpected bonus of more understanding of or enrichment in your life.