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Past Life Regression| Through Past Life To Present Life Healing
Margaret Jackson
Past Life Regression,
Life Between Lives - Spiritual Regression


What is the process of Past Life Regression and how many sessions will I need?

The Process

Past Life Regression  is more than just a hypnotic technique. It is more than just a quick visit to a past life to magically cure you of overeating or to stop you smoking. Many of those issues are related to current life experiences and can be resolved in other ways such as hypnotherapy or CBT. The issues that are resolved through Past Life Regression are usually issues that have been resistant to other methods or serious personal effort and which seem highly likely to have their roots in a past life. Not every issue of over eating for example comes from a past life of poverty and starvation.  So it is important not to pre-empt or script in advance the circumstances or experiences you presume to lie behind your issues.

For these reasons it is important for me to first take a history and through questions and answers, explore in detail, areas of importance in order to identify what you wish to achieve through Past Life Regression.  Research has shown that when this is done the success rate of Past Life Regression is increased by up to 20%.

Therefore the first past life regression session begins with a detailed assessment and discussion. This either extends the time of the session by about 30 minutes or can reduce the time spent exploring the past life. Even if you have no particular issue you feel you wish to resolve, a detailed assessment will often reveal something in your current circumstances that has resulted in your interest in Past Life Regression.

Even if that is not the case, the process will help you decide what type of past life you would like to explore.  For example sometimes a person will wish to experience the past life which was their most spiritual life or their happiest life or where they were most loved. Your first Past Life Regression session usually takes 2 to 2.5 hours.

As part of each Past Life Regression session time is allowed to discuss and process the experiences and insights that have come through the session.  If more intensive processing is needed a further thirty minutes can be included at the end of the session or a separate one hour intensive processing session can be scheduled at a later date


How many sessions will I need.

For some people one Past Life Regression session is enough to resolve the issue they have come with or for them to gain the insight they need in their current life. However as each person’s experience is unique and personal to them, another person may need further sessions particularly where more than one issue or more complex issues are present. People may choose to have some time between sessions in order to more deeply process what they have experienced and learned and then with that insight return to further explore issues through other past lives..