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Past Life Regression | Through Past Life Regression To Present Life Healing
Margaret Jackson
Past Life Regression,
Life Between Lives - Spiritual Regression


Fee Structure

How you prepare for your session before coming is important. You can optimize the successful experience of your Regression by following the suggestions on “How to Prepare for your Past Life Regression “ in the Q&A section

Up to 90% of people who choose to have a Regression find they are able to be regressed to a Past Life in the first session.  However occasionally someone finds they need a further session to achieve the level of hypnosis needed for a regression. In this case in the first session it may be that this person experiences the deep relaxation and a lighter level of hypnosis but not be able to achieve regression and will need to return for a further visit. This type of session usually takes one hour and is experienced as a relaxation and healing session.

What is the fee structure and how do I pay.

Because the time varies for each session and sometimes for each person the fee is based on the length of the session and is charged as an amount for each half hour. For example one person may choose to have an extra half hour intensive processing time at the end of a 2 hour Regression instead of returning for a one hour intensive session.  In this case the fee for that session would be for 2.5 hours.

You may pay by cash or if you prefer you can pay by Direct Debit. A Direct debit must be made in advance.  A deposit of $50 is required at the time of booking the appointment and is non-refundable if the appointment is cancelled within 48 hours of the time of that appointment Please see the section on Fee Structure for costs.

For a Past Life Regression session a minimum of two hours is needed. For the first visit please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the session as there is some brief introductory material that is important for you to read.


Two Hour Past Life Regression session                          ......$230.00

2. 5  Hour Past Life Regression session which
includes half hour intensive processing                         

One hour Relaxation and Healing

Intensive follow up processing session
in office - one hour                                                                 

* Prices are subject to change

Please note:
A Past Life Regression Session can be very powerful. Please plan to remain in a quiet room in my practice for 15-30 minutes after a regression session if necessary.  This can often be a good time to journal important aspects of your experience.