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Past Life Regression | Through Past Life Regression To Present Life Healing
Margaret Jackson
Past Life Regression,
Life Between Lives - Spiritual Regression


Questions and Answers


How should I prepare for my session?

It is very important to prepare well for your session so you can optimize your ability to be regressed. Leave plenty of time to get there and afterwards so you are not rushed. Don’t drink stimulating drinks in the hour or two leading up to the Regression.  Be prepared to stay for a short time after the session if you need it.  If you meditate, practice your meditation in the week leading up to your session. 

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Will I remember what happened in the session

Usually people do remember and I make sure I give you clear suggestions so that you will remember the experience and the lessons.  This is helped by the fact that you are able to talk to me during your Regression and describe  what you are experiencing  so I can guide you through it.

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What kinds of memories come through regression

Dr Brian Weiss has described in his book “Through Time Into Healing”, two ways Past Lives can be accessed.  He calls one the Classical Pattern where a person accesses one lifetime only and can experience a fairly detailed journey through events of that life.  Beginning early in life and proceeding through significant events until death.  After the death the person can experience a life review where they explore the lessons they have learned from a higher perspective.   The second pattern Dr Weiss calls the Key Moment flow. With this pattern the person’s subconscious mind is able to pull together important and related events or experiences from a cluster of lifetimes which can best lead to understanding of  the hidden trauma so that when understood, healing can occur.

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How do I know that the memories I experience are not my imagination or a fantasy.

This is a common question asked even by the person after undergoing a regression. Sometimes the person undergoing the regression is still aware on some level of being in the room and speaking as well as experiencing the past life. It doesn’t really matter if you can distinguish what is a true memory or what is a symbol or imagination or even a metaphor or maybe a mixture of some of them.  If it helps you then that is what is important.  So just allow yourself to relax, suspend your disbelief and just allow yourself to experience what you are experiencing and in that way allow your subconscious mind or wise inner self to come through.  Leave the analysis until afterward. Don’t allow your rational mind to start judging or you may block the memories and waste the opportunity you have chosen to take.  I believe that one way of validating the experience is real is through the intensity of feeling you experience during the memories. Another clear indication is when the symptoms are relieved.

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What happens if I can’t visualize or see what is happening.

Not everyone is visual.  Some people find that their other senses are sharper  e.g. their hearing may be important or they can sense things or feel things or sometime “know” what is happening. If this is the case the experience is no less vivid

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Why choose a Past Life Regressionist who is a reputable psychotherapist-

Many people can learn how to hypnotize people and some are very good at regressing others. However there are times when a very emotional problem or experience arises which needs a skilled professional to guide the person through resolution and closure. There are a number of professional psychotherapists who have incorporated Past Life Regression work into their general practice. In my general Practice I regard Past Life Regression as a valuable therapeutic tool.

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How likely is it that I will find I have been someone famous

It is rare for someone to find they were famous in a past life.  When you think of the number of famous people over the ages who lived among the many millions more who were not famous the chances are slim. Most of us have lived ordinary lives and have learned the lessons we have chosen through personal experiences.  These are important lessons about love, and relationships and choices. And these are the focus of our exploration into our Past Lives.

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Does Past Life Regression help all problems?

Not all problems have their roots in a past life.  Sometimes we can learn about ourselves and how to live better in the present without discovering a Past Life.

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Can everyone experience a Past life Regression?

Research has shown that up to 85% of people can experience a Past Life Regression.  The likelihood seems higher for a person who keenly desires to or chooses to experience a regression to a past life. For those who have difficulty it may be that the issues they wish to resolve are better addressed in the current life.  The subconscious mind can often be wise about what is best for us.

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